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Progressive Human Movement Sciences, abbreviated ProMove, is an umbrella representative body and is committed to the interests of all Human Movement Sciences students at the University of Groningen.
ProMove consists of students from various education committees, which meet once a month for a consultation. During the consultation, important educational matters that play within the study program are discussed. These can be topics such as recording lectures, visibility of student course evaluations and e-learning.  In addition to the monthly consultations, ProMove also meets four times a year with the Human Movement Sciences management team, or the BW consultation.
In addition to meetings, ProMove also organizes study-related activities. For example, ProMove organizes the Teacher of the Year election, we have our own ProMove activity and we organize the Pro activity together with ProMed (Medicine) and ProDent (dentistry and oral care).
Do you have any questions or comments? Or would you like to attend a meeting once? Then send an email to You can also find us on Facebook under: ProMove Human Movement Sciences and on the nestor page of ProMove. This way you stay informed about what we are working on.

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