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Hi everybody,

We form the O&O Council with seven students and seven staff members from the UMCG. Together we represent all students of our faculty and we try to ensure that everyone's study time goes as smoothly as possible.

As the O&O Council, we discuss current issues that affect the faculty in the field of education and research every week. Once a month we meet with the Executive Board of the UMCG, in which we advise them on policy documents and current events at the medical faculty. One of our most important tasks is to assess the Education and Exam Regulations. These documents state what education will look like for the next academic year. We also regularly meet with the Education Committees, ProMove, ProDent and ProMed. In this year's ProMed meetings, our representatives are Donna, Femke, Aline and Celina.

For suggestions, comments or questions you can always come up to us or contact us with the button below!

Top row f.l.t.r.: Lisa, Donna, Aline, Femke, Celina
Bottom row f.l.t.r.: Michiel, Elise

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