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Hey, hey! I’m Vivien, third year med student and the new ECTG student member. The ECTG (Examencommissie Tandheelkunde Geneeskunde) committee is responsible for conducting and assessing of our exams for both dentistry and medicine. The committee board consists of professors and gets their input from a dentistry and a medicine student. We meet up on a monthly basis to discuss the latest exams and try to improve the quality of our assessments.

For many occurrences during our studies I can say - been there, done that! Thus feel no shame to contact me for exam-related problems. As I’m an international you can also always contact me for problems you face as a foreigner (or BIPOC). I will always advocate on your behalf the best way I can 😊. In my free time I like doing sports, vegan cooking and browsing for (decolonial) panafrican, afrolatin and caribbean funk, rap and groove.

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