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The MFV Panacea is the study association for Groningen medical students. In addition to being a very pleasant association, Panacea is also committed to education. The many education committees evaluate education in both the bachelor and the master and ensure a link between student and teacher. In addition, many education and career events are organized!

When introducing the bodies of ProMED, of course M.F.V. Panacea cannot be missing. Sywert Westerhof and Merel Rozema are this year's Educational Commissioner and Master and Career Commissioner. They are responsible for the Year Representations and the Master Council, giving input to ProMED. Do you have something to say about education, or just want to chat. Then stop by them at the board room in the basement of Building 3213.

Annual Representations

Each year layer in the Bachelor of Medicine has a Year Representation for the Dutch communities and a Year Representation for the English communities. The JV/YR evaluates the basic program (SemCie), the LC education (CommuniCie) and all exams (TenCie) of the Bachelor. The JV/YR then collects all these evaluations in a semester report, which is discussed at the end of the semester together with, among others, the semester and LC coordinators.  In addition, the JV/YR (PRCie) also organizes (education-related) activities, such as workshops/lectures and drinks. For more information about the composition of the JVs/YRs, visit the Panacea website.  



In every peripheral hospital (affiliation) you have committees that deal with education. This can be Wednesday afternoon education, but also think of the best doctor of the year election or specific courses (ECG, statistics). In most affiliates these committees are called co-councils, but the division of tasks is different for each affiliate and committee and adapted to the specific tasks that are relevant there. The co-council (or a similar committee) can therefore be seen as a kind of master council or annual representation (JVs or YRs) of the peripheral hospital.

M.F.V. Panacea: TeamMember
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