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Hello! We are Thijmen, Jason, Camilla en Karlijn and we are the four students of the Programme Committee of Medicine. The OCG safeguards the quality of all teaching related to the Medicine studies, in both Bachelor and Master. We do this together with the four lecturer members and a quality assurance member in monthly meetings about various topics concerning our education.
Our tasks are:
- Advising the Board of Directors of the UMCG about shortcomings and possible improvements within education.
- Evaluating the education by reading all of the YR-semester evaluations, questionnaires filled in by you and by talking to all of the education coordinators.
- Yearly, we vote on the faculty’s policy, written down in the Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER), and we assess the ways in which the OER is implemented.


In our committee work, we have a lot of contact with lecturers, examiners and the faculty board. We also consult a lot with the other student representatives in ProMed.


Do you have questions for or about our committee? More information and our policy plan can be found at Medicine/. Click the button below to send us an email!

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