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Our medical education needs the opinions of critical students in order to improve. The education committee is the ideal place for that. Are you a motivated medicine student interested in education and student representation? Do you want to help improve our medical education actively? If yes, then this position is an excellent fit for you!


De Opleidingscommissie Geneeskunde (OCG) (Education Committee Medicine)


The Education Committee of Medicine (OCG) holds monthly meetings aimed at improving the quality of medical education. Everything related to the quality of education is discussed during these meetings. An important task of the OCG is to approve the Education- and Examination Regulation (OER), which comprises all the rules and regulations related to our education. Additionally, the OCG can give solicited and unsolicited advice to the faculty council regarding education-related issues. The OCG consists of eight members: four faculty members and four students. Of these, two students represent the bachelor and two students represent the master. For the academic year 2023-24, there is one position available for a Bachelor representative. 


Role and tasks: 


  • Together with three other students, you are the point of contact for the OCG when it comes to education.

  • You will become a member of ProMed, the student-representation body of medicine. This body is involved with developments revolving around our medical education and comprises student representatives from various education-related committees. ProMed meetings take place once every two weeks on Mondays from 20:00-22:00.

  • Together with the other OCG bachelor student member, you participate in the Bachelor Consultation (BOG), the Profile-Education Committee meetings, and the Inter-faculty Medical Student meeting (IMS). Which meetings you attend depends on your agreement with the other Bachelor student representative. BOG is an opportunity to discuss points of interest within the bachelor’s programme with the Board of the Bachelor and takes place every 3-6 weeks. In the Profile-Education committee meetings, profile education is discussed and evaluated.

  • Finally, get-togethers and educational activities are organized on a regular basis and there are opportunities to attend national educational conferences.




  • You would like to actively participate in improving the quality of education.

  • You would like to gain experience within student representation.

  • You like to work in a team, take initiative and have good communication skills.

  • You can provide the OCG with input about the opinions of bachelor students regarding current matters within the education system and communicate the activities of the OCG to students. You do this respectfully, adequately and at the right moments. 

  • In the academic year of 2023-2024, you are a bachelor medical student and have sufficient time and capability to attend at least 1x per month OCG meetings and 2x per month ProMed meetings .

  • You understand written and spoken Dutch well enough to actively participate in meetings and critically assess formal documents, such as the Education- and Examination Regulation(OER).


The duration of this role is 2 years and you can expect to spend at least 8-10 hours per month on this role, for which you will receive financial compensation. 


Are you interested? Send a short letter of motivation (maximum 1 A4 page) and your CV to  before the 30th of September 23:59. The interviews will take place in Dutch at the beginning of October. 


Feel free to contact us via  if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!


On behalf of the current student members of the OCG,


Deea - bachelor member

Jolijn Straatsma - master member

Camilla van der Hoef - master member

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