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Student Advocacy Body

Medicine Groningen

ProMed is there for and by students to improve the Medicine program in Groningen.

Progressive Medicine (ProMed) is the umbrella representative body for all medical students at the University of Groningen. The students who participate in ProMed come together from various education committees. As a result, there is a lot of say about education and all ancillary matters at the faculty, in order to improve the quality of medical education, among other things. Every other Monday, ProMed has a meeting about the state of affairs within the medical education program in Groningen. We are also active on a national level at the Interfaculty Medical Student Consultation (IMS) and we are present at various conferences. 

In addition, ProMed organizes many fun activities and giveaways throughout the year!

Is student representation perhaps something for you, do you want to take a look or do you even have points for improvement to bring in? Keep an eye on ProMed's Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to stay informed about all changes and updates that affect you as a student, or send an email to!

​Keep an eye out for the vacancy page if you are interested in becoming active!

Also take a look at the ProMed handbook for more information about ProMed itself and about all the participation bodies!

(This document is only available in Dutch, information in English can be found on this website)

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Do you have any questions, do you want to take a look in one of our meetings, or do you want to voice your opinion? Send an email to ! We will then  as quickly as possible  contact you!

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